The landscape of tech jobs is ever changing. What was relevant last year could be completely out of recruitment scene this year. With so much dynamism in tech job space, it is imperative for head hunters to keep up with the market demand and this is what Phoenix Software Labs has braced for with promise of consistent talent delivery.

Tech job landscape has been witnessing an upward trend in demand for talents for roles in software, cyber security, data science etc from across industries. DevOps, Analytics, Big Data, Network Security, UI & UX, Web Technologies, SAP & Other ERP Technologies, Java and more have continued to rise in order to support the innovation happening across the globe.

With our robust and responsive global network, we guarantee to find candidates for talents across roles and across the globe in the following technologies –

  • Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Cyber Security
  • Machine Learning
  • SAP Technologies
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Languages – Java, C/C++, Python & R Programming
  • Big Data & Advance Analytics
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web/Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • PEGA