IT Staffing

Contract Staffing With ever-changing talent landscape, it becomes imperative for organizations to be on track without compromising on their services. This requires a constant stream of talents into the organization taking into consideration the attrition while balancing both on supply and demand fronts. Highly skilled employees are always in demand for competitive skill sets are

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The landscape of tech jobs is ever changing. What was relevant last year could be completely out of recruitment scene this year. With so much dynamism in tech job space, it is imperative for head hunters to keep up with the market demand and this is what Phoenix Software Labs has braced for with promise

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IT Training & Development

IT Training and Development is an essential part of improving competence of your employees. to consistently be on the path to meet the set objectives of your organization. Phoenix Software Labs specializes in developing and rendering customized training to clients who look to plug their workforce needs and to candidates looking to improve on their

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It is a well-known fact that Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)   services industry is progressively becoming more challenging and less forbearing than ever before. Customers are getting savvier, regulations and policies tighter and competition more and more intense with margins taking the largest pressure. More than ever, this sector demands people who can

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IT Services & Consulting

IT Services and Technology industry is probably the most dynamic of all. To be in the game, the niche demands companies to be in line with ever changing technologies. If your organization is looking to find the best candidates, we can cater to your requirement with absolute resolution. Phoenix Software Labs is a recruitment &

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The Telecom sector is certainly one of the most globally influential industries of the 21st century. It endures to develop swiftly and is notorious for its fast-paced and ever changing environment. Our expertise in recruiting for Telecom related positions both in India and Abroad. Telecom sector has been one of the highest creators of opportunities

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Health Care

Health Care in India has seen unprecedented growth over the last decade. This surge can be attributed to increased awareness in health care among the populace; foreigners turning to India for affordable and world class health care; easy access to health insurances offered by both private and public institutions; increased government’s expenditure in healthcare etc.

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FMCG & Retail

FMCG and Retail sectors endure to be buffered by stern headwinds. Ever increasing competition from dedicated online retailers and an on-going guarded consumer base, this means that retailers consistently need to endure on every front to find a competitive edge. It is about optimising every aspect of the retail equation, especially on attracting right talents.

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