bfsiIt is a well-known fact that Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)   services industry is progressively becoming more challenging and less forbearing than ever before. Customers are getting savvier, regulations and policies tighter and competition more and more intense with margins taking the largest pressure. More than ever, this sector demands people who can add value to their companies as well as to their clients, by quickly adapting to changes and by recognizing global & local challenges of the financial crisis that may occur and its aftermath. Doing so while upholding high profitability and positive brand image of the financial services organizations they work for. Rapid & massive growth, structural, and regulatory changes are driving further need for people who can think clearly about new market opportunities and the transition to the next growth phase.

Phoenix Software Labs brings to the table an in-depth functional and industry proficiency and know-how. Our scale, scope, and knowledge permit us to address a wide gamut of industries, and structure solutions efficaciously for Human Capital requirements by perceiving challenges that these industries surround with.

Our Recruitment Consultants assist clients to achieve significant, constructive, and sustainable impact in their performance. The practice serves a wide range of clients in traditional and non-traditional financial industries, including – Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Asset Management, Insurance, Investment Banking etc.

We appreciate and understand the banking and finance markets and have successfully fulfilled the opportunities in India and abroad.