automotiveWith disposable income making to the pockets of large population base, India’s automotive market has seen a remarkable surge over last decade or two.  This surge has resulted in increasing competition both by domestic and foreign players looking to capture a sizable market share. This upwell in the competition has driven almost all major Global players, from automobile and its components industry to set up manufacturing plants in the country. Strong growth added to cut throat competition has translated into a demand for senior and mid-level management talents to steer automotive businesses through demanding times.

We at Phoenix Software Labs recognize that a sound and healthy automobile space helps in supporting the pivotal role of country’s rapid economic and industrial development. We can also say that the automotive industry helps in driving the economy to a great extent.

Our experienced recruitment consulting teams assist our clients from Automobile industry, including ones pertaining to research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, corporate management, human resources, after sales management, engineering and IT etc. get talents on-boarded without much hassle.
We understand automobile industry top to bottom, left to right and its needs very expansively and our team of consultants with a strong background of the industry across the different levels of the value chain guaranteeing that we work on the industry’s mandates very professionally and effectively.