Executive Search

Positions that steer organizations towards their goals demand individuals with leadership qualities. Identification of right individuals for such critical leadership roles such as CXOs, VPs, Functional heads etc. requires one to understand an organization’s strategic goals, competencies the roles demand and the culture that faces need to exemplify.

We at Phoenix Software Labs assist our clients with setting up processes to identify organization’s goals, build contacts of high level professionals, and build industry knowledge in the recruitment process to recognize right set of people for organization’s crucial roles. In order to stay on the contemporary talent matching, identifying and on boarding strategy, Phoenix Software Labs persistently track key trends in global talent market, and constantly innovate our services and approaches.

Our specialized team helps you setting a complete process in finding key people to head key organizational functions like Finance, Marketing, Technology, Sales and more. We ensure quality outcomes in understanding organizational goals, segmenting potential candidates, contacting and building rapport with them in our attempt to narrow down  on those who brings a breath of goal oriented fresh air into the organisation before welcoming them on-board. We represent you on your behalf to candidates; while maintaining complete confidentiality, time bound efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our team has consistently demonstrated results across all kind organizations – big, medium or small; simple or complex; local or global; with our value delivery exceeding with each organizational stints.